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Bass Disability Support Services operates Tasmania-wide, our team are qualified professional and provide a quality services and supports to all clients.

No matter where you may be located in Tasmania – our professional team are here to support you and are able to provide you all of the services and care you need.


Bass Disability is a registered NDIS Tasmania provider.

As a registered NDIS provider in Tasmania, Bass Disability specialised support coordination will provide you with complete peace of mind. Our team are dedicated to giving you all the assistance you need to connect to services in your community, giving you more time with family and friends and helping to meet goals of our clients, while helping you keep track of your fund balance.

With our specialised support coordination we will help you:

  • Get all the assistance you need to understand your NDIS plan
  • Understand your rights and obligations under the NDIS
  • Navigate and manage the NDIS portal
  • Choose the local service providers that fit your needs
  • Work with those providers to get the best outcomes for you
  • Monitor your funding and assist you with budgeting
  • Be in control of your NDIS plan and set goals
  • Develop the skills needed to manage your future plans

Respite Care & Support

Providing integrated support for self-care, accommodation, food and activity in a centre or a group residence for short periods.

We understand that clients may require temporary comprehensive support or care that is different from their usual arrangements.

At times, this may include Short Term Accommodation in a group-based facility, a period of respite, which aims to support ongoing care arrangements. STA / Respite allows the opportunity for the client to be supported by someone else while providing their carer with short term breaks from their usual caring responsibilities.

Development-Life Skills

Development of Daily Living and Life Skills, provides individuals with the life skills development and training they need, including public transport training and support, developing skills for community, social and recreational participation.

This specific service also provides training for participants in groups to increase their independence in daily personal activities.

  • Gain important life skills for everyday living
  • Maintain your own home
  • Shopping skills
  • Food & meal planning
  • Learn to budget for a household

Participate Community

Assistance to Access Community, Social and Recreational Activities Participation in Community, Social and Civic Activities, enabling clients to engage in community, social and recreational activities.

Gardening / Home Maintenance

Bass Disability Support Services offer home and yard maintenance at affordable pricing.

Working alongside our NDIS participants giving them meaningful employment with qualified support to take on any job.

  • Lawn mowing
  • Garden care
  • Home maintenance
  • Tip runs
  • Qualified tree arbitrator

Travel & transport arrangements assistance

Designed to allow a client to be transported to an activity or location that a client wishes to specifically go, whether it be for work or leisure or even to and from appointments as required.

  • Get to your appointments on time
  • Reliable transport
  • Friendly staff
  • Bookings are essential

Personal / Domestic Assistance

We’re here to help and assist with household tasks, working with our clients, we enable participants to maintain their home environment.

  • Washing
  • Cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • General household tasks

We can also work with clients to undertake or develop skills that will help them to maintain their home environment where the participant owns their own property or has sold or substantial responsibility for its maintenance.

  • Reliable cleaning services
  • Peace of mind in knowing that cleaning will be done
  • Maintain a clean and healthy home environment


Centre Based Group Activities – Working closely with our clients they are able to access community, social and recreational activities provided in a group setting or in a centre.

Group / Centre Activities

Assisting client participants to access community, social and recreational activities provided in a group setting, either in the community or in a centre.

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We are more than happy to come and see you in person to discuss how we can help and discuss your specific needs.

Bass Disability Support Services genuinely care for clients and our people. If you believe you have what is takes to make a difference to our clients lives and are looking for a fulfilling role where you can work as part of a team and be valued. Join us, we’d love to hear from you.

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